Golf Cart Insurance

For Relaxing Golf sessions

Why do you need a golf cart insurance?

We know how much you love your classics. With competitive classic car insurance, we offer you a comprehensive insurance for your car. Representing 30+ carriers and a team of professionals, save money without compromising on any features.

For a simple reason, that golf cart accidents are uncalled for. They can happen anywhere, at any time. Endorsement to your Homeowners Policy is one way to get insurance for your golf cart. But adding endorsement is not the best way because it only covers you when you’re riding within your property. To clarify, for any mishaps outside your property, you are on your own.    

Then, what is the best way to cover you and your cart in virtually any location? The answer is Golf Cart Insurance.  

what does golf cart Insurance cover

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What are the coverages?

  • Property Damage Liability – covers costs of repair when you accidentally damage others’ property.
  • Bodily Injury Liability – covers medical costs and other expenses when a third party is injured
  • Collision coverage – covers costs of repair to your golf cart when damaged
  • Comprehensive Coverage – covers costs when stolen or damaged due to events other than collision

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how much does golf cart insurance cost

Ways to save money on Golf Cart Insurance

You can save money on golf cart insurance if you:

  • Insure with your existing home or auto insurance company. In fact, your agent can help you with the bundling of policies and get you multi-policy discounts.  
  • Are a homeowner.   
  • Choose payment options wisely. For instance, lump-sum premium payment instead of multiple payments over the period of insurance.  
  • Make payments on time.  
  • Have safety certification through the completion of safety courses, membership with a qualifying organization, or if you are a responsible driver.

A great rate is just few clicks away!